Monday, December 3, 2012

Good Nature

Doing outfit posts with nature is such a breeze! get ready for my photo overload! It only shows how excited I am to show you my outfit posts.

Thankfully I got a very patient and loving photographer.thanks bunchy! 

 I really like this shot, kulang nlng beach!

 If you would ask me what my shirt says..I don't know either.haha

'Till next time guys,,i want to lose weight but I don't know where to begin.

Nature breakaway

Get away from the busy streets of manila and went to Laguna for a day of refreshing.and Indeed we met fresh,renewed and joyful experience there.

Sometimes we need to go to a place where in we could freshen up without getting wet. Praying can be a good idea.refreshing your heart and soul.
 I took some outfit posts check this out!

Levis: denim shorts
next: denim top
topshop: cardigan

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hi there it's been a loooong time since i last wrote for my blog, well forgive me i was too busy doing soooo many stuff.well what I can give you right now is my latest pics for the meantime.

 This was taken at Mauban Quezon when we visited a dear friend. So glad to see my friends and had a sumptuous lunch with them and conversation filled with laughter and encouragement.

 This shot was taken last sunday by my very own nephew Steaven,this was candid but i thought it was nice so i include it anyway.haha.
 I really love my new sunnies coz it not just cover the big chunk of my cheeks but its also stylishly covers those bags underneath my eyes.haha
 I love this shot coz achieve talaga ang peg ko na hi-low posture, thanks to the Good lights and the plain paint for the background.haha i think i'm gonna shoot a lot of outfit shots here in the near future.
 well I tried to smile here (pacute) ahaha..
 This is my black duck black tote bag that I got from a store. I really like its uniqueness and reminds me of someone.haha LOL.
BTW this is my new spike-fringe-cuff designed for shoppevenice. hopefully will be a can visit my online store

 Since that I got to download some picture application I started to try to do some simple editing.there you go!

Till next time folks! I will make it up to myself and to my readers to make it a daily habit to post here in my blog.hope so!(fingers crossed)haha

cropped top:cotton on
fringe earings:
hi-low skirt:

Monday, October 1, 2012

White Top

This is it I was planning before pa to wear this very chic blazer but I don't know how and when. Another lazy day to wear something that I wanted so enjoy the photos!

Handbag: shoppevenice
Blazer: themo

photos by: Mayie bee


Asymmetrical pink top is my craving recently so when I got 'em I was so happy! enjoy my  photo overload

Asymmetrical Top: shoppevenice
Heels: Shoppevenice
handbag: shoppevenice

Photos by Mayie bee

Leopard meets Kahel

Hello guys! today what I wore for our church anniversary was just simple a pair of black glittery trousers, black shoes and an orange chiffon dress.

Heels: Shoppevenice
Dress: People are people
spike bracelet: Primadonna
Blazer: The Landmark

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My kind of Fashion

Hello dear readers! For my feature outfits here you'll see collaborations of big names in fashion industry abroad collaborating. I know its kind of so 2011 but who cares? these outfits were really gorgeous and so fashionable. Let me show you what inspires me to dress up everyday and as a matter of fact I even bought couple of styles just like what they wore,,though not of the same brand (because they're too Expensive for me to buy) still it just looks like them. wait till I post those pictures! Enjoy! 

 So love this outfit. Gold and Black perfect match!