Monday, October 1, 2012

White Top

This is it I was planning before pa to wear this very chic blazer but I don't know how and when. Another lazy day to wear something that I wanted so enjoy the photos!

Handbag: shoppevenice
Blazer: themo

photos by: Mayie bee


Asymmetrical pink top is my craving recently so when I got 'em I was so happy! enjoy my  photo overload

Asymmetrical Top: shoppevenice
Heels: Shoppevenice
handbag: shoppevenice

Photos by Mayie bee

Leopard meets Kahel

Hello guys! today what I wore for our church anniversary was just simple a pair of black glittery trousers, black shoes and an orange chiffon dress.

Heels: Shoppevenice
Dress: People are people
spike bracelet: Primadonna
Blazer: The Landmark