Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hi there it's been a loooong time since i last wrote for my blog, well forgive me i was too busy doing soooo many stuff.well what I can give you right now is my latest pics for the meantime.

 This was taken at Mauban Quezon when we visited a dear friend. So glad to see my friends and had a sumptuous lunch with them and conversation filled with laughter and encouragement.

 This shot was taken last sunday by my very own nephew Steaven,this was candid but i thought it was nice so i include it anyway.haha.
 I really love my new sunnies coz it not just cover the big chunk of my cheeks but its also stylishly covers those bags underneath my eyes.haha
 I love this shot coz achieve talaga ang peg ko na hi-low posture, thanks to the Good lights and the plain paint for the background.haha i think i'm gonna shoot a lot of outfit shots here in the near future.
 well I tried to smile here (pacute) ahaha..
 This is my black duck black tote bag that I got from a store. I really like its uniqueness and style.it reminds me of someone.haha LOL.
BTW this is my new spike-fringe-cuff designed for shoppevenice. hopefully will be a hit.you can visit my online store shoppevenice@ymail.com

 Since that I got to download some picture application I started to try to do some simple editing.there you go!

Till next time folks! I will make it up to myself and to my readers to make it a daily habit to post here in my blog.hope so!(fingers crossed)haha

cropped top:cotton on
fringe earings: shoppevenice@ymail.com
hi-low skirt: shoppevenice@ymail.com