Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends with Limited time only

Hi there! If you're residing in the Philippines and probably knows something about the trending job of newly grad people and over age employees these days,, it's the call center job or in a more General term BPO. At first I didn't want to get involved with this kind of work cause first the schedule and second the nature of work is kind of alien to me. But what can I say with the high rate of salary these BPO Companies has to offer. who could resist that plus all the benefits and very well mannered facilities, 

 This is me with my new haircut at a restaurant at the nearby Mall. with who? my newly found friends!
 Everyone, I'd like you to meet drew (preferred to be called "princess") on your right is the celebrity look alike Kristine (loading...) kidding! both of them bond most of the time maybe because they shares same interests.
 This girl beside me is jaqui (bubbly,jolly) recently rebonded gurl! we get along enough to know each other and to laugh on each others corny jokes share interests in fashion and comments on people we see everyday oh before I forget we love "taho" in the morning before we went off to ride bus and head home.
 Our friendship were filled with laughter and sometimes gossip but most of the time tripping on each others fault speaking in english and some silly stuff.

I never thought that our stay in that company would be just that short! Too soon that I missed them everyday. I know our friendship is not dictated by the time we spent in the office but it will goes on and on as long as we stay in touch and keep the spirit alive inside our hearts. Miss you "Pretty Ladies"

Cow girl Manila

Just came from work when I did this shoot with a very close friend Jedi Culod, let's put it this way she's my ever loyal fan and a very good friend that I met in the office. She Noticed my looks were different from the other back then so she encourage me to dress up more often and later on I enjoyed it and now it became a hobby.

 For this look I opted to go for a look like a cowgirl of Texas, didn't I achieve the look? hehe well I got inspired by my uber large and should I say a statement boots. I got them from a vintage store in Manila and when I found out that its a pure leather I didn't think twice hurriedly asked my mom to buy it for me. 
 My hats came from warehouse and it's really cool cause it has detail on the side and the hat really look like cowboy with a modern twist.
 I've been craving for a cape blouse or dress but because cash wasn't present that time I went to a friend's store and found this colorful cape dress and eventually suited to complete my cow girl look!
 I super like this shot cause it somehow showed my skin but not too much just right for wholesome blogger like me..agree? yes!
Now you see my full body it so much! 

One candid shot it looks nice so I inserted this photo anyway.
Till next time I'll post again more photos for us! Oh you might want to check some of my outfit posts here lookbook chictopia and chicisimo

A World of Fashion Galaxy

Hi there! so what do think about my title for this very shoes-addict post! well yah kinda off but come'on aren't this shoes so cute and top of the line fashionable? I won't believe if you tell you didn't scroll down to check the rest of the photos before reading my blog?ahaha I knew it dear fellas! So let's get started!

Jeffrey Campbell shoes
First up! Jeffrey Campbell's collection of work of art pieces that transcends into fashionable shoes! I don't know JC that much all I know is that he's a genius in his own way of creating designs for today's very fashionable youth and including me young at heart!

Galaxy dress
Today's trending print aside from the aztec pieces we now have galaxy print on shoes,leggings,shirts and even in mullet dresses. Before what was trending in was just plain black or pastel colored mullet skirt, dress and even in shoes but now due to public demand for uniqueness and fashion designers like JC come up with this idea to put galaxy into girls and feeling girls shoes. 

actually this candy colored heels wasn't suppose to be included in this post but i found it cute so I  included this one anyway.
When I still a newbie in internet surfing and a young timid fashionista I love checking on Acne's wedges same as this picture above but as years gone by very fast I discovered that there's more than just wedges there's JC collection that fashion addicts couldn't resist

 Now there were a lot of designs to choose from, and you'll definitely find one that suits your fashion style needs. honesty for the longest time I've been wanting to buy JC shoes all I got was Lita the lack one and though I'm not that rich Lita somehow satisfy my cravings for buying JC shoes. 
 I just wonder how does it feel to wear something like this,,then you'll gonna walk in the streets of Makati or at the Mall, I think lots of eyes would be looking at me and most specially to my shoes.harhar

Heel less what a shoes!

Now this is a picture of a DIY Do It Yourself Galaxy wedge shoes, isn't amazing to think that people are really "maparaan" not just filipinos. Practically speaking owning a pair of JC shoes (depending on the style) would cost you 4,000 something to 12,000 pesos (well that was my latest heard news) imagine it's not everyday that you have 7,000 in your pocket to buy a new shoes labeled "Jeffrey Campbell" so kudos to people who give hope to those fashionistas that knows how to be fashionable in a reasonable price.

 More of JC shoes in line posted here!

 question: how can you run well with this heel-less rubber shoes! ahaha

For my final photo I just borrowed this picture from google, it's a simple flat shoes that symbolizes simplicity yet trendy, sometimes we tend to overspend on some stuff that we really don't need and most of the time because of this out of control shopping we end up empty handed for tomorrow's need. Use your money wisely..a friendly reminder with love!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm here to Stay

Why did I say that phrase? It's because in a relationship that phrase is very essential. I'm talking about my own experience here, In a relationship it needs two people, they should have character and concern for each other and someone feeling down and lonely the other one should have the courage to bring him up and cheer up and share that hope is at hand you just have to believe. It has been 8 years of  Love that I'm sharing with someone really dear to boyfriend Ivan.

Ok enough with those cheesy lines, now let's get back to my outfit post, this shot was taken by my boyfriend and with the background of our church's anniversary tarp.

 I love this dress because of its ruffle-surprise in front and at the back.its a sheer dress so i put on an underneath silk garment to minimize people'e eyes to stare at my curvy bod..haha
 I'm wearing a sugarfree dress that I bought in a Korea store in manila and shoes from 50th avenue.

 My color for this day was neutrals. well like what they say as we grow old we tend t prefer safe colors haha..well i'm not that too old to dress up in a colorful palette anyway. It's just that its a special day so i'm wearing what I think looks good on me. 

 This is Ivan "bunchy" the Boyfriend of mine, chubby as it looks but indeed he is but we're working on to make him or should I say us to trim down a bit, fit enough for clothes we die to wear!

And finally a bouquet of flowers from him first thing in the morning! He surprised me with this cute little buds as he knocked on our doorstep that sunday heart melted that I cant put them all together back inside of me.hhaa well that only tells us that time might be running but making someone feel special on the very special occasion was a day to be remembered. Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camp Site visit

 Daily Bread Farm and Resort

Yehey! well that was my first reaction when we reached the location of this wonderful farm and resort.

It's been a while since we went off to look for the best location for Family of Jesus' Youth Camp this October. So staff are full hands on in determining the perfect Camp site that can give what our activities would need.

 And Finally we found it, Daily Bread Farm and Resort is located at Bustos Bulacan, the place was so nice and calm and people there were so amazingly kind and hospitable.
 So I don't want to waste anytime and here's my full body wardrobe shot. Thanks "Bunchy"

 Look at the swimming pool,isn't inviting?the design of the pool is so peaceful and it looks cool for swimming,,really cant wait to try.
There's even a sun bathing bed for a more relaxing mode.

 What we're looking for is a camp site that can accommodate less than 100 people including the campers and the staff and luckily we found them all in here in a lower price.(thank you Lord)
 This rooms are amazing because the developer thought of using container vans as a duplex!
 When we went upstairs of one of the rooms they showed us I found this very interesting site,,take a look at my background, it reminded me of edward cullen and bella of hit movie twilight,it feels like i'm in a different side of the world.haha

Here's a cute bed with mosquito net,,,breezy

 This was taken inside the conference room. Filled with artifacts that's very interesting to look at.
 When you entered the daily bread this artwork will welcome you located at the assembly area.
 This is quite a big fountain and i'm happy coz it matches my clothes I took some wardrobe shots taken by my boyfriend thumbs up for that!
For my closing photo I just sat down on a native furniture and I know i looked like a very sweaty lady in red...till next time folks