Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My kind of Fashion

Hello dear readers! For my feature outfits here you'll see collaborations of big names in fashion industry abroad collaborating. I know its kind of so 2011 but who cares? these outfits were really gorgeous and so fashionable. Let me show you what inspires me to dress up everyday and as a matter of fact I even bought couple of styles just like what they wore,,though not of the same brand (because they're too Expensive for me to buy) still it just looks like them. wait till I post those pictures! Enjoy! 

 So love this outfit. Gold and Black perfect match!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh my shoot

Hi there! about these photos that you're about to see are just my previous post. you'll gonna see my friends cam whoring with me here. take a look and enjoy!  

animal print dress: available at
Gladiator belt: Landmark


Hi there! my dear readers here's another outfit post on a very rainy Sunday morning! This picture was taken at our local church in Bulacan, if you haven't noticed it yet well most of my photos were taken here. That only means that I often go to church doing a lot of church activities. For my outfit today, since its raining i go for a safe black jacket with gold buttons (that i really love) actually this jacket was a denim and it's a padded jacket that's why it's so stylish and cuuuute. 

 I paired my not-so-ordinary  jacket with a black peplum top sad that I wasn't able to take photo of it and a simple skirt.
 to complete my outfit I wore a can-be-folded booties that I got from sample sales, stylish yet affordable.

 Btw before i forgot the reason why I use "steward" as my blog title for today its because when I saw these picture I thought I looked like a stewardess.don't you think? 

And this is my mom we often take pictures together especially if we were wearing same color or same design of outfits..all credits to my mom

for my last pic, I would like to thank my nephew for taking cool photos of me.promise when I get my new toy I'll let him use it, of course taking pictures of me, who else?hahhaha..take care everybody!

here he is!

jacket: People are People

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Collar

This is a really cute dress from Tango and I really love those cute little butterflies printed on it. I matched this dress with a neutral colored heels from Jannilyn. I hope you liked it! here's my outfit posts.Enjoy!

Dress: Tango
Heels: Jannilyn

I'm wearing Leather

This is the second time that I went to this brick styled paint in a nearby town. I am wearing leather vest here I bought in a very cheap price but the material?priceless. it really looks good and very comfy but since that its tropical here in our country I won't advise to wear this during sunny days, now if its rainy and humid go!take a look at my outfit posts!

leather booties: Jeffrey Campbell
Leather vest: boo boo
asymmetrical top: terranova

Friday, September 14, 2012


Today is very special to me..Last September 9 was my birthday. I'm so thankful to God for all the blessing He prepared for me, to all my loved ones and special people who celebrates this special day with me last Sunday. Of course a very special scene in my life when my dad called from Italy and greeted me Happy Birthday plus a birthday gift that i'll show you when I receive them. Here's my Hello Kitty birthday cake from Bunchy and my Birthday outfit post. enjoy! 

Orange cape dress:Mags
Made in Italy:flats