Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camp Site visit

 Daily Bread Farm and Resort

Yehey! well that was my first reaction when we reached the location of this wonderful farm and resort.

It's been a while since we went off to look for the best location for Family of Jesus' Youth Camp this October. So staff are full hands on in determining the perfect Camp site that can give what our activities would need.

 And Finally we found it, Daily Bread Farm and Resort is located at Bustos Bulacan, the place was so nice and calm and people there were so amazingly kind and hospitable.
 So I don't want to waste anytime and here's my full body wardrobe shot. Thanks "Bunchy"

 Look at the swimming pool,isn't inviting?the design of the pool is so peaceful and it looks cool for swimming,,really cant wait to try.
There's even a sun bathing bed for a more relaxing mode.

 What we're looking for is a camp site that can accommodate less than 100 people including the campers and the staff and luckily we found them all in here in a lower price.(thank you Lord)
 This rooms are amazing because the developer thought of using container vans as a duplex rooms..cool!
 When we went upstairs of one of the rooms they showed us I found this very interesting site,,take a look at my background, it reminded me of edward cullen and bella of hit movie twilight,it feels like i'm in a different side of the world.haha

Here's a cute bed with mosquito net,,,breezy

 This was taken inside the conference room. Filled with artifacts that's very interesting to look at.
 When you entered the daily bread this artwork will welcome you located at the assembly area.
 This is quite a big fountain and i'm happy coz it matches my clothes haha..so I took some wardrobe shots taken by my boyfriend thumbs up for that!
For my closing photo I just sat down on a native furniture and I know i looked like a very sweaty lady in red...till next time folks

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