Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm here to Stay

Why did I say that phrase? It's because in a relationship that phrase is very essential. I'm talking about my own experience here, In a relationship it needs two people, they should have character and concern for each other and someone feeling down and lonely the other one should have the courage to bring him up and cheer up and share that hope is at hand you just have to believe. It has been 8 years of  Love that I'm sharing with someone really dear to me...my boyfriend Ivan.

Ok enough with those cheesy lines, now let's get back to my outfit post, this shot was taken by my boyfriend and with the background of our church's anniversary tarp.

 I love this dress because of its ruffle-surprise in front and at the back.its a sheer dress so i put on an underneath silk garment to minimize people'e eyes to stare at my curvy bod..haha
 I'm wearing a sugarfree dress that I bought in a Korea store in manila and shoes from 50th avenue.

 My color for this day was neutrals. well like what they say as we grow old we tend t prefer safe colors haha..well i'm not that too old to dress up in a colorful palette anyway. It's just that its a special day so i'm wearing what I think looks good on me. 

 This is Ivan "bunchy" the Boyfriend of mine, chubby as it looks but indeed he is but we're working on to make him or should I say us to trim down a bit, fit enough for clothes we die to wear!

And finally a bouquet of flowers from him first thing in the morning! He surprised me with this cute little buds as he knocked on our doorstep that sunday morning..my heart melted that I cant put them all together back inside of me.hhaa well that only tells us that time might be running but making someone feel special on the very special occasion was a day to be remembered. Happy Anniversary!

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