Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends with Limited time only

Hi there! If you're residing in the Philippines and probably knows something about the trending job of newly grad people and over age employees these days,, it's the call center job or in a more General term BPO. At first I didn't want to get involved with this kind of work cause first the schedule and second the nature of work is kind of alien to me. But what can I say with the high rate of salary these BPO Companies has to offer. who could resist that plus all the benefits and very well mannered facilities, 

 This is me with my new haircut at a restaurant at the nearby Mall. with who? my newly found friends!
 Everyone, I'd like you to meet drew (preferred to be called "princess") on your right is the celebrity look alike Kristine (loading...) kidding! both of them bond most of the time maybe because they shares same interests.
 This girl beside me is jaqui (bubbly,jolly) recently rebonded gurl! we get along enough to know each other and to laugh on each others corny jokes share interests in fashion and comments on people we see everyday oh before I forget we love "taho" in the morning before we went off to ride bus and head home.
 Our friendship were filled with laughter and sometimes gossip but most of the time tripping on each others fault speaking in english and some silly stuff.

I never thought that our stay in that company would be just that short! Too soon that I missed them everyday. I know our friendship is not dictated by the time we spent in the office but it will goes on and on as long as we stay in touch and keep the spirit alive inside our hearts. Miss you "Pretty Ladies"

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