Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Showtime

Luckily we were given a chance to watch live at the studio the noontime show It's Showtime

This is Vice Ganda a Comedian who's very hilarious and packed with all humor 

 Before the show started we were oriented on the House rules and the do's and don'ts and also we were given big cards like this actually it was a score card for the contestants.

 We were holding cards for the raffle but unfortunately we were not allowed to join the raffle or any other games because we were invited by an employee of the Network..sad..I'm sitting with my beautiful moms and sister in law;  from far left my Mom Busilak,Momcy Vicky and Ate Farah 
 As a Blogger I wanted to look nice if ever that the Camera pass by me so I wore a chic blouse and denim shorts and a pair of flats from Italy
 This is Anne Curtis with Co-host Vhong Navarro, they were the coolest host ever!

 I stoke a pose showing showtime well just to prove that I'm in the show LIVE..hehe

 This are the Live Audience. screaming' and yelling their voice aloud as they were instructed by the Production Assistant and crew..hehe..well this shot was after the yelling..haha
While waiting to get in to the studio,we were playing with the camera and stroke a pose showing our family names

This is Mom Busilak and momcy vicky hehe,,bonding!

These two were also part of the Team and are both celebrities,One is Coleen who's very cute and pretty in person and Ryaan Bang a korean speaking in Tagalog PBB housemate.

Finally, our Cameraman the whole day my Bunchy Ivan..sweet!

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